Testimonials – The Doggie Lift


Patricia Coburn - Best invention ever. I just used this for the first time. I was finally able to trim my Lab's nails. I used the Peddy Paws I don't dare clip. The harness fits perfect. Serenity would not let anyone, not even the vet clip or trim her nails. And she did not freak out or anything.

Beth A McClain - I just have to say this product is awesome, and makes all the difference. I bought the harness and straps and hang her up on a pull up bar we have in a doorway. I also dremel my dogs nails because she hated them being squeezed by the clippers and would sass terribly. It broke my heart. Thank you for making this!!

The Honey Family - The Doggie Lift has changed our lives!

We recently learned our 10 year old schnauzer Abby has diabetes and needs twice daily insulin injections.
Injection time was a nightmare. It was extremely stressful for us and for Abby as well as our other dog. It took 2 of us to give her the injection.
I came upon the Doggie Lift while looking on the Internet for how to make injection time easier.
We consider it the best money we've ever spent! Injection time is a pice of cake now. Abby gets a little piece of chicken when we slip on the harness and has actually gone to sit by it when it's time for her shot. Who would've thought she'd actually look forward to getting her injections!!
We were also impressed with the quality of the product. It is very well made and quite sturdy.
Thank you for the Doggie Lift, we feel like it really prolonged our Abby's life by making injection time TOTALLY stress free!
We've told every pet owner we know as well as our vet (who asked for your website) about your miracle product.
The Honey Family

Islandside Animal Hospital - Recently we invested in a piece of equipment that we believe is a true "game-changer" in our field of veterinary medicine! The Doggie Lift is an awesome new device that allows us to trim nails (or give injections, clean ears, etc.) without stressing the patient or having them hurt themselves during a struggle.
Yesterday Abby came in and it was mentioned how much she hates her nails being trimmed and how she is known to fight you throughout the process.
Abby was placed in the special harness and suspended from The Doggie Lift where Dr. Hatch made quick work of trimming her nails. While Abby may still have hated the process, she did not struggle, need a muzzle, or have to be physically restrained for a procedure she dislikes.
Thank you to her owners Mike and Ciss for letting us capture Abby's defeat and share it with our followers

Michael Scifres - Much easier to clip this dog's nails!

C.Igl - I just wanted to write you and say, "OMG, I love this product!!" It took a loooong time to acclimate my rescue to just being near it but once she was okay with it, it was the most amazing way to do my dog's nails!!

Thank you so very much!!! One happy customer!!


Pat Bennett - I purchased a medium Lift recently and today assembled and
used it for the first time. I was not happy about the purchase
price initially but I bought it anyway in the hopes that
it would work, as I was desperate, but I was definitely skeptical.

I have to say that I'm really thrilled with your product.
As a designer and the owner of a manufacturing company of lure
coursing machines and systems, I know good quality when I see it.
Your Lift is extremely well designed and functions perfectly for
the intended application. The materials are very high quality and
really did the job! The design itself is innovative and deceptively

Bottom line - you folks have really created something excellent,
so thank you very, very, VERY much!!!

Erica Peters - Had bullies dremeled, eyes/ears/folds cleaned with NO FIGHTING .. and all under 10 min per dog!!!

JEAN-DANIEL ROUSSEL - "Dogg‎ie lift is a miracle. I couldn't cut my dogs nails, he would go absolutely insane, now it's like a breeze and my dog is not stressed at all. Thank you for eliminating a major frustration in my life. 

"Tori" and "Tobi": - Great success! Dad can finally trim my nails now thanks to the doggie lift. I'm use to hanging in it now, kinda fun actually. No more clippers for me, I like the dremel tool much better. I've been a nightmare with nail trimmings, the vet couldn't do it and suggested I go under anesthesia but mom and dad found a better and less dramatic solution

John Zucco - My wife and I put it to use for the first time today, and this was the first time we could successfully trim their nails at home. We have two dogs who typically try to run away. Today, they waited patiently while we trimmed them. No drama, no biting, nothing...just a quick trim with no yelling or barking. Thanks for a great product!

Dawn Castillo, Castlewood Bulldogs - "This is by far the best way to dremel nails, clean ears or do any kind of grooming. I have a hydralic lift version that we custom made for the grooming room but this portable version works just as well."



Julie Ann - Worked great the first try!


 Managing a veterinary hospital for the past 15 years, has given me the opportunity to see lots of dogs who have issues with nail trims. Issues range from truly terrified to horribly aggressive.
     My staff was skeptical when we first "hung" the Doggie Lift in the door frame.
Our first dog was a doctor's pet. He's a little guy with deformed limbs and paws who hates his nails done. We videotaped his nail trim. He wagged his tail throughout!
     Our second use of the lift was on an aggressive dog that normally takes three to four techs and a muzzle. The vet techs strapped him, lifted him up and he squirmed slightly then became calm. Truly amazing! This one patient made a believer of my staff!
     The following photos are of dog's belonging to the same family. All intensely dislike their nails trimmed. Usually take three techs and lots of struggling.
- Kelly Fordham



Don Stewert - Trinity & Gracie in the new doggie lift to do their nail. Both real calm, did not pull when I played with their paws.
     This is the best system, so much less stress. Think about it for vet. Drawing blood, nail trimming, paw or leg exam. Love it.

Gail Phillips-Waite - We are so happy with our Doggie Lift! My husband was so impressed and he is very hard to impress! Our dog Abby does not like her feet to be touched and so we took her in to get her nails done because she just wouldn't hold still for us. The groomers always had to muzzle her and had my husband restrain her by holding her head (because she would try and bite at them while they cut her nails). She is a rescue dog so we have no idea what she experienced with her previous owners so we would try to be gentle and sensitive to her fears. Who knew cutting a dog's nails could be so traumatic! Enter the Doggie Lift... she was so docile and calm! We were all so amazed. No more issues with nail cutting. Thank you, Dr. Liu!!!

Jeni Cipolla - We got our Doggie Lift today! It is fantastic! Today I just put the dogs in it so they could see what it was like. My beagle, Shilo, was scared and I couldn't get him to pose for a picture. But my other dog, Pixel, seem to really enjoy it. She was willing to pose for pictures!